Workout. Hangout. Takeout. At TurF, our hope is to foster a space that inspires people to live full, healthy lives – a place to sweat, crush goals, make friends, grab a coffee or smoothie, shop thoughtful products and tap into a rad community – all under one roof.

TurF is a fitness studio, restaurant and cafe located in Vancouver

Our Story

Deanne and Delaney TurF co-founders

Deanne and Delaney

Deanne and Delaney Schweitzer are sisters and co-founders of TurF. Born in BC, Canada, they are descendants of the First Nations People. The importance of community has been woven throughout their lives. They believe in family, love, giving and taking care of our communities.

In 2016, Deanne and Delaney decided to move on from their corporate lives to pursue a new adventure – to foster an experience that revolved around their idea of the “perfect day”. A place where they could enjoy a coffee, a workout, a delicious smoothie or plant-based lunch, and a little shopping all within one community.

So TurF was born on the foundation of all the things they love: Healthy food, thoughtful apparel, a conscious sweat, the best coffee and a rad community.

Witnessing the TurF community develop and grow has been a wild ride – one full of adventure and many learnings along the way. Perhaps the most meaningful takeaway from this journey has been that when you follow passions fully, led by purpose, your life just works.

And that’s what we hope TurF inspires in each and every one of you – to live a life full of passion, purpose, balance and joy.

Like ants, we are all members of a community working together to create something bigger.

TurF was created to be a space for all of us to grow and contribute. We take care of the future and the people in it.

Our Food Philosophy

The TurF menu approach is simple – food keeps us alive, but good food makes us feel alive.

At TurF, "good" means a whole, humane and non-processed menu with no refined sugar. We primarily source ingredients from local Vancouver farms, and choose organic produce when it makes sense. For us, it’s about balance. Food nourishes the body and soul, which means it should be full of nourishment and delight the senses. Because let’s face it – life is too short to eat any other way.

TurF offers a plant-based menu, with some happy protein sides and add-ons as well. We select produce that is in-season, full of taste, and grown sustainably. We make a point to offer a menu rich in diverse ingredients and flavour pairings, because we love to celebrate being a little different. Most of our dishes rotate on and off the menu based on what is in-season – think cooling, crisp salads in the summer and warming, hearty bowls in the fall.

If you’re looking for post-sweat fuel, lunch with friends, a cafe to post up in for your freelance work, or a place to wine-down on a Friday, we've got you covered, Vancouver.

Takeout or dine in. Make sure it’s good.

Our Friends

We collaborate with people who share our values of Integrity, Realness, Beauty, Possibility and Community. These are some of the ethical makers, organizations and brands that inspire us to get up to big things. We’re grateful to get to work with such an awesome group of partners.

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